Fathers now more committed to participation in family life

Research carried out by the National Office for Statistics (NSO) shows that fathers are becoming far more committed to participating in family life. While for some years back the onus rested on the mother to take care of her children, this care is now also being exercised by fathers as a result of working mothers.

The NSO research carried out based on the 2018 Labour Force Survey showed that the nature of family life in the country is undergoing change.

The research analysed the working life and the family with Professor Godfrey Baldacchino observing that the participation of the fathers in family life is increasing and that various social measures over a period of time are having their effect.

Baldacchino said the increased participation of fathers is evident in their taking greater responsibility for the care of their children. He said he also observed an increasing trend in the quality of life with this no longer depending on living depending on economic income with a greater reliance on a social basis and the quality of life found in residences.

The NSO survey also showed that many are seeking flexible working times, particularly women to a 56.2% extent.

More persons are now involved in teleworking, particularly those raising children, with one in every three persons thus involved being given the opportunity of flexible hours.

Society is now helping families with the care of their children by offering good education and in the early years of the children offering flexible working times as well as working locations, including teleworking. These are all initiatives that make possible a balance between work and the family.

The report also indicates that lengthy working hours are an obstacle to the life and needs of the family with almost 25% of those surveyed responding that this is a problem for them.

One person in every four with children are making use of childcare centres while just over 66% of those employees aged between 18 and 64 have never tried to improve their professional career.

Professor Baldacchino said that from researches he is carrying out, over the last 30 years the labour force in Malta has doubled.

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