Music to break the monotony of COVID-19

During these times of great anxiety, the residents of a Fgura street have come out with the idea of organising a musical celebration from their balconies to entertain each other. Meanwhile, although all festa celebrations have been cancelled, the bandspersons from a Żejtun band appealed for a patriotic stance by individually playing the country’s National Anthem in their own homes.

The colourful flags and streamers that help create the great atmosphere during external festa celebrations have been put back into storage, the residents in Fgura’s Triq Louis Scicluna have brightened up their street with a number of Malta flags and this evening a musical festival will take place from the balcony of dj Rudolph Degiorgio to keep nearby residents happy while breaking the monotony created by the spread of coronavirus.

Rudolph said the news of the music festival quickly spread among the neighbours. He said besides this music festival of all types of music from his balcony, every Tuesday the Holy Rosary will be recited to enable residents to pray together.

He continued by saying that children and the elderly are confined to their homes and he wanted to create a festive atmosphere to show there is still a strong light amidst the current dark atmosphere.

Degiorgio said he feels so united with his neighbours that he is planning to decorate his balcony with flowers to embellish the environment and please all passersby.

Another gesture intentioned to keep people happily entertained is being made by Żejtun’s Beland Banda Mużikali that has produced a musical video of their bandspersons playing the National Anthem in their own homes. The scope of the video that is posted on social media is to strengthen patriotism and encourage persons to face up to the current challenge.