A part of the internet that is legal but filled with drugs trafficking and child pornography

It is not illegal to access and was in fact created to facilitate secret communications. It is also a means of security and liberty for those countries where such freedom and liberty is impeded. However, just as a kitchen knife can be used for culinary purposes but can also be a lethal weapon the same may be said of the Dark Web, a part of the internet that may be accessed by specific software the passage of time this facility is creating problems for the forces of order.

In fact yesterday Europol announced that 150 suspects were arrested involved in the sale of armaments and drugs on this Dark Web valued to exceed €26 million euro. The operation named Dark HunTor involved police forces from Italy, Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom, the United States and others.

In Malta there is also familiarity with the Dark Web and in the programme ‘Carter Jirrapporta’, journalist Liam Carter, together with experts in this field research these illegal markets.

The programme includes interviews with Assistant Police Commissioner Dennis Theuma and Police Inspector Timothy Zammit, responsible for the Cyber Crimes Unit, who explained that Malta Police carry out various investigations connected to the Dark Web. Inspector Zammit said that during the first six months this year investigations had exceeded 2,000.

He explained that in recent months the Police had been successful in investigations that enabled the identification of persons purchasing drugs on the Dark Web and enabled the force to intercept the drugs and led to prosecutions.

Inspector Zammit continued by saying that there are always those who exploit technology for malicious purposes and the force reacts by constant monitoring to obtain information and this is exchanged by Police Authorities in other countries.

“Carter Jirrapporta” will be transmitted this evening following the 8 pm news bulletin on TVM.