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Nationalist Party says it will not permit agriculture to fail

The Nationalist Party said that it will not allow agriculture to fail and will work tirelessly to strengthen this sector.

This was stated by PN Leader, Adrian Delia, during a political. activity for residents of the 7th electoral district. The PN has issued concrete proposals which safeguard this sector to help Malta become more independent and ensure security when it comes to food production.

PN has expressed its concerns because statistics show that agriculture in Malta has dropped by almost 4% while expenses have increased by 6% while 70% of what we eat: vegetables, fruit and meat, is imported.

The PN has therefore come up with proposals for farmers and those who work in agriculture to be provided with tools to work with, so that they can become more competitive, and to give them technical assistance for the marketing of their products.

He said that we should exploit and benefit from EU tools while using European means to promote Maltese products abroad.

Dr Delia mentioned how Maltese farmers should not be penalised with more costs and added that the PN will continue to be the voice of farmers, fishermen and all. those who work in agriculture.


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