PBS launches new news station – TVMnews+

As from the coming October the country will have the opportunity to follow news on an increased regular basis with the national station launching a new station – TVMnews+. This station will focus on news, sports, culture, history and current affairs programmes.

The Chairman of Public Broadcasting Services, Dr Mark Sammut, said that with this extension, televiewers will be given the best service possible while enabling the national station to truly take further steps forward as well as opening a new page in its history.

PBS also launched a new competition for individuals and companies specialised in graphics to create a new national logo for the national station to serve over the coming years.

While launching the station at the Dar il-Mediterran Conference Centre, PBS Chairman Mark Sammut announced the new station will primarily focus on news, sports, culture and history. It schedule will also consist of current affairs programmes and direct transmissions of events taking place. He explained the role of TVM will continue but will more be focussed on entertainment programmes aimed at the whole family.

Dr Sammut said that 78% of programmes will be produced by PBS employees and also said that since he began leading the station he has been highly impressed by the by the dedication showed by employees in the work they perform. He also announced that as of the forthcoming schedule there will be more sign language programmes to truly affirm inclusion. He stressed that sports will be given greater importance with more transmissions and sport services in all bulletins and news updates.

He said the media today has a highly important role and thus PBS will be updating itself in new technologies, new news features and new stations. TVMnews+ resulted from the great following that news slots have and therefore this potential has enabled a whole dedicated station.

The Minister at the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr Carmelo Abela, who ts responsible for national broadcasting, described the new identity of the national station as being the launch pad of the future. He said that without interfering in the station’s editorial line, the Government as the main shareholder will continue to invest to continue strengthening this important institution for the country.

He said it is crucial that national stations continue to follow developments as they occur and be updated to the circumstances of the day and even more importantly, tomorrow. The main role will remain, that of quality, where quality concerns its employees as well as the quality of the transmissions that are heard or seen but also technical quality and therefore quality must remain as the central focus point.

Minister Abela said over and above the services given to televiewers and listeners, PBS wants to offer quality careers to those that have been in employment for many years as well as to those that have joined recently and now form the future of broadcasting in Malta.

As part of the evolution process by PBS a competition has been launched for a new logo to represent the past, the present and the future. Those interested in obtaining further details may do so from tvm.com.mt and have up to 18th August to submit their ideas.

PN states it is considering legal action

Meanwhile, a PN statement said it is studying all its choices, including legal action, so as not, according to its reasoning, enable the Government to completely dominate PBS. The PN said it has not been consulted on the matter and noted this development is a cause for concern.

In a reaction, PBS Chairman, Dr Mark Sammut, said the national broadcasting station belongs to the people and does not look at faces. He said the national station is based on correctness and facts and the proof of this is the large audience it has amassed over a number of years.