European Parliament to support Miriam Dalli’s initiative for availability of greater breast-screening processes

An initiative taken by Maltese MEP Dr Miriam Dalli together with a group of other MEPs and the organisation Europa Donna regarding cancer breast-screening has obtained the support of the European Parliament. Europa Donna is a voluntary and independent organisation spread throughout 47 countries which aims to increase awareness of breast cancer.

Miriam Dalli (2)The written declaration, that tagħha the Maltese MEP Miriam Dalli was an original signatory to will now be forwarded directly to the EU Commission and the European Union Council which are now bound to study its implications and react toward them.

The importance of the declaration is its important assertion that cancer breast-screening services be widely available throughout Europe.

The declaration requests that screening in 28 European States and multidisciplinary specialist breast units be available by 2016 to help decrease the numbers of breast-cancer deaths in the EU. I Death from such a cancer is the main cause of deaths of European women aged between 35 and 59.

Throughout EU countries ż annually there are more than 367,000 women diagnosed with this cancer with a death rate of 91,000 unfortunate cases where lose their battle to remain alive.

Miriam Dalli (1) In connection with this declaration Dr Miriam Dallli visited the centre for National Screening Programmes in Valletta to obtain a close-up view of the work being done in Malta and the type of breast-screening available . At the centre she spoke of the importance of people attending to undergo the programmes for prevention purposes and early detection

She met the head of the centre of the >Breast screening department Dr Joe Psaila, radiographers, nurses, screening co-ordinators and other staff

Whilst the unit concentrates on breast-cancer test and prevention, it also provides a service for testing for intestinal cancers.


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