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Government investment needed to help disabled to adapt to new normality

The President of the Federation for Disabled Persons, Marthese Mugliett, aid that disabled persons will not be able to cope with the new normalities following Covid-19, she said the way forward has to be inclusive of all and should enable the disabled to lead an independent life. She said this will not happen unless the Government and other entities give their utmost for their offsprings to succeed in enabling them to lead an independent life. The Federation said parents do their best to enable their offspring to be independent but often end up having to fight to obtain their rights to training for life, as well as having access to employment, independence and recreational activities.

Mugliette said that Covid-19 has caused great damage to disabled persons and unless this is to be addressed there will be an increase in inequality and social exclusion. She said that when plans start for resumption to normality not all disabled persons should be clumped together.

Mugliett said that the UN Convention states that each disabled person should be enabled to lead an independent life and thus the Federation is insisted that each disabled person be given personal assistance to lead an independent life rather than being placed in a community home. She said quality education is needed to strengthen the disabled to attain a work place.

The Commissioner for the Rights of Disabled Persons, Oliver Scicluna said discussions are taking place said disabled persons cannot lead a normal life unless the authorities recognise that not every disabled persons can observe the mitigation measures.

He said it has to be appreciated that not all disabled persons can wear a mask and alternative solutions are needed otherwise discrimination will be created.

Scicluna said discussions are ongoing for the continuation of therapy for disabled persons in order to ensure they do not suffer health deterioration. In this regard Professor Charmaine Gauci said therapy services will be increased over the coming days as well as the services of Covid-19 professionals.

He further said that disabled persons should not be faced with barriers because of new formalities but he remained optimistic that with agreement with the Authorities there will be an improvement of measures that will also take into consideration disabled persons.