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Photography was the teacher that led him to painting – Henry Falzon

Henry Falzon has always had the arts at heart, particularly photography, so much that he spent many years in black and white photography, developing the negatives in his own dark room. He states that photography was his teacher that led him to painting and over the last few years Falzon has worked on 40 paintings that are currently on exhibit in Balzan.

He said much of the work is in pastel, work that took two years to complete and before that he specialised in water colours and oil. Many of the exhibits on show are landscapes, some of them of familiar places but some lesser known. He explained this means he has not done traditional post card scenes but reflect his own viewpoint.

Henry Falzon said he uses different methods of painting and not solely painting on site.

He has a number of oil canvases that were painted on site but the majority are studio paintings based on reference pictures, photograph he has taken as well as sketches, in addition to memory reflections.

The exhibition will be on display until Friday and then on Sunday morning.