PL says that diligence reports on Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech show they are not ideal candidates for Leadership

The Labour Party has said that the due diligence reports regarding Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech shows the two candidates are not the ideal persons to contest as Opposition Leader and the Leader of the Nationalist Party.

During a media conference, PL President Ramona Attard said the report has defects because it relies solely on media reports. It said there is an imbalance in the reports because while Delia is reported in 26 pages only two pages are devoted to Grech.

PL Europarliamentarian Alex Agius Saliba said the investigating experts had started by claiming they did not have sufficient resources to investigate. He also were mentioned shortcomings in the financial positions of Dr Delia and Dr Grech, shortcomings which Dr Agius Saliba were necessary basics in democracy.