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PM holds crucial Brexit talks with Theresa May

With only a year to go before the United Kingdom formally withdraws from the European Union, Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat addressed a conference organised by the British Institute of Directors and attended by various British companies about the future relationship between the UK and the EU. During a busy day in London yesterday, Dr Muscat also met British PM Theresa May and also attended a ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey to commemorate Commonwealth Day.

Just a few days that will bring together a crucial summit of EU Leaders at a time when negotiations between the EU and Britain are surrounded by a number of difficult problems, Prime Minister Muscat had a crucial meeting with Theresa May.

This follows discussions that Muscat held in Malta last week with the British negotiator regarding Brexit, David Davis. The British Government is seeking the support of the EU regarding further items of a future relationship between the two sides.

Muscat said he had also addressed a future relationship when addressing the Institute. He said that Brexit will lead to losses being experienced by both sides and efforts should be concentrated on finding solutions that will cause a minimal amount of damage to the relationship.

He said the EU already has a number of different agreements with countries from various continents and he urged a strong relationship for the free market sector with special reference to the one market and the customs union.

Dr Muscat said the moment that the UK no longer conforms to EU Regulations the chances of a free market continuing to operate will become remote. Regarding the possibility of British companies relocating from Britain because of Brexit, Dr Muscat said he felt this was rather remote and exaggerated.

He said that Malta would be an ideal relocation point for them to retain their British advantage in the products market while also continuing to be able to enjoy the free market.

Together with his wife, under typical British showers, the couple attended at Westminster Abbey to commemorate Commonwealth Day and to attend an inter-religious service at the Abbey.

The theme of the ceremony was “Towards a Common Future”, the same theme to be used by Commonwealth Heads when they meet in London next month. The theme is to enable the Commonwealth to meet modern challenges that exist worldwide to enable a more secure, just and sustainable future for citizens, particularly youth.

Current, Dr Muscat still chairs the Commonwealth Office although this will change next month when a new chair will take over. There were 2,000 guests at the Abbey, including Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Family and PM Theresa May.

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