The PM and the Opposition Leader explain their vision of the country’s future

The annual EY Conference has continued and messages were sent by the Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech who explained their visions of the country’s future for a better place.

Prime Minister Abela said the last two years have been very strenuous for commercial enterprises that have not only had to deal with the pandemic but also the slowdown in the international economy. He said that all recall it had been forecast that unemployment would reach 55,000 but nevertheless  the country’s economy had withstood the pandemic test and by the end of the Second Quarter this year the country had registered its greatest growth. Dr Abela said these positive results reflect the Government is working policies to retain confidences as well as for the future.

The Prime Minister said that next year the Government is forecasting that economic growth will reach 6.5%. He said the Government has reduced taxation on part-time employment and overtime while students will enjoy an increased stipend. Dr Abela ended by saying the Government is working for a better future for coming generations.

On his part the Opposition Leader and Leader of the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, said the EY survey gives rise for concerns and he referred to their finding that 70% of the country’s youths wish to leave the country. He said there is a difference between wishing to go to another country to explore new possibilities as opposed to being forced to leave because the country had failed in their regard.

Dr Grech said the country cannot afford to lose its youths in this manner. He explained that pensioners depend on the social contributions of youths and enterprises. He said that for many years the PN has been warning on the lack of good governance. He said that if today the country is fighting the shame of being on the Grey List, the time has come to provide the country with a better future and this is what the PN is striving for.