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UPDATED : PN states MUŻA museum was opened in haste, Government replies

The Opposition Spokesperson for Culture, Therese Comodini Cachia, said in a statement that the Minister for Culture should explain any damage caused by mould to artistic works at MUŻA and how this is being remedied.

Dr Comodini Cachia implied the museum had been hurriedly opened in November to serve what she described as “a political gimmick” by Minister Owen Bonnici.

She said the inauguration had taken place without plans and the investment that was needed to ensure that the nation’s artistic collection be properly safeguarded in a befitting manner.

In a statement, the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, said that the Opposition needs to decide what the criticism towards MUŻA actually is – whether it is because MUŻA was opened in haste or that it took too long to be opened.

It said that the truth is that the museum was opened as promised in 2018. It was stated that thanks to technological facilities installed at MUŻA, the increased levels of humidity in parts of the building were able to be indicated.

The necessary precautions were taken and no damage was caused to the paintings in this part of the building, and they will be put back in place after it has been ensured that the situation is back to normal.

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