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PN presents its proposals for the environment, sustainable development and agriculture

The Nationalist Party has said that sustainable development and electric-powered vehicle transport should be the main contributors to enable the country to achieve its EU environmental targets by 2050. While presenting the PN’s proposals for the environment, sustainable development and agriculture, Spokespersons Toni Bezzina, Edwin Vassallo and David Thake said a new Social Pact being proposed by the Opposition covers these aspects.

Architect Bezzina said the creation of more green and open spaces is an absolute major priority and this may be achieved by the Government financing the Urban Improvement Fund for Local Governments to 100% rather than the current 70%. He said the Opposition is proposing afforestation projects in rural zones and the upgrading of the natural environment in residential areas through the greater use of paving and more spaces for bicycles and scooters.

Vassallo said agriculture is a pillar in the PN’s socio-economic vision and it is proposing policies to safeguard the environment as well as providing fresh produce and a better return for farmers and fishermen. Spokesperson Thake said a person cannot exist without an environment and therefore the PN will build a country with a future of policies that guarantee an environment for its future generations. He maintained that economic growth and environmental fulfillment should progress hand-in-hand.