PN proposes financial support for the purchase of electric-powered vehicles, incuding those second hand

The Nationalist Party is promising financial support for those purchasing electric-powered vehicles, even if these are second hand.

During a media conference regarding transport, MP David Thake said in Government the PN will be committed for the removal of vehicles powered with petrol or diesel and will revert to electric power. He said another proposal is that within four years all public transport buses wil be electric-powered.

MP Toni Bezzina treated the proposal of a metro system and said the PN had launched this concept in 2017 and remarked that in the Budget no finance at all had been earmarked for the metro system and this showed a serious lack of Government planning.

MP Thake also mentioned the PN’s capital projects in when in Government including a specialised hospital for mental care integrated with Mater Dei Hospital, the opening of homes for the elderly, people with disabilities and those suffering from dementia, as well as the improvements to be carried at Mġarr Port in Gozo.