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PN requests study on long-term economic development; PL says PN is complaining about economic growth

The Nationalist Party has called on the Government to commission a study on long-term economic development to assure the country is prepared for economic growth in all sectors as well as to ensure that this growth benefits everybody. Parliamentary Deputies Kristy Debono and Ivan Bartolo said that increased rental charges as well as increase-priced apartments are causing financial difficulties. They said that 70,000 persons cannot afford to pay rent and to meet their bank commitments.

Kristy Debono said that between 2014 and 2016 property prices had increased by 50% and had increased even more over the last 18 months. She said that people earning an average wage cannot afford such prices to purchase their own residence.

Ivan Bartolo said the number of people living in underground garages has increased because they cannot afford to pay rents. He said that even the newspaper ‘l-Orizzont’ has mentioned a total of 190 people. According to Bartolo about 900 persons are living in garages and some of them do not even have electricity. They urged the Government to act quickly and commission a study that is much needed.

In a reaction the Labour Party said the Nationalist Party has ended up complaining about economic growth and the creation of wealth. The statement said that the arrival of numbers of foreign employees has posed challenges such as increased rents but the Government is about to publish a White Paper with a number of proposals for this sector. The PL said the White Paper will complement a series of initiatives that have already been taken such as social loans and investment in social housing.

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