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PN calls on Government to stop dragging its heels on school transport

The Nationalist Party has called on the Government to desist on continuing to drag its heels and to clarify the situation of school transport.

The Spokesperson for Education Clyde Puli said that after a month-and-a-half of the beginning of the new scholastic year, the Government is keeping students, parents, heads of Church and Private Schools and companies and individuals providing school transport completely in the dark and not communicating as to when its promise is to be activated.

He said the PN appeals to the Government to clearly communicate as quickly as possible to all those involved how this initiative system is to be implemented and not to continue lingering in discussions and withholding information.

The PN urged the Government to reach its conclusions in good time to inform all those in good time for logistics to be drawn up for the fulfilment of a promise that had been made by both Parties.

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