President George Vella in three Gozo meetings to discuss the impact of the pandemic

President George Vella has met the Administrative Board of the Gozitan Regional Development Authority that has just been established.

This was one of a series of commitments the President had in Gozo who heard about the challenges that Gozitan companies and residents have been and are undergoing because of the pandemic.

He was able to follow the work of financial services entities as well as the manufacturing sector.

When visiting the financial services company Michael Grech, the President met the Board of Directors and company employees and discussed challenges being faced and collaboration with Government Authorities as well as Regulatory.

President Vella also visited FXB in the Xewkija Industrial Zone and spoke of the importance of employees in all sectors and showed his appreciation for the determination of employees to find concrete solutions and remain creative, despite the pandemic.

The President’s final meeting was with the Regional Authority Board during which documents were presented on consultation for a Gozo Strategy.

He said the meeting was an interesting one concerning challenges and opportunities from a financial as well as a production point of view and provided an insight on the holistic approach by the Authority for Gozo. Opportunities have to be managed into action programmes for Gozo to progress from good to better.

President George Vella stressed on the importance of dialogue, consultation and inclusivity to produce a better quality of life for the community.