President visits Toly Products

President George Vella paid a visit to Toly Products at the Bulebel Industrial Estate.

Together with his wife he was taken on a tour of different areas in the manufacturing company and they were able to observe the various processes of manufacturing and refining. Referring to the pandemic, President Vella spoke of the way the pandemic has affected the manufacturing industry.

However, he maintained that the development of the country’s economy has enabled the manufacturing sector to retain its importance.

The President also noted the determination and motivation of the company’s management as well as the employees that has enabled the company’s operations to continue even though during difficult times. He said that for the manufacturing sector to remain relevant and to evolve he admired Toly for its innovation.

He also said he appreciates the praise made of the Maltese workforce and their capability of adjusting to new situations. He ended by urging more investment in the country on a basis of equal access and the conditions offered.