President invites all Maltese living outside the country to contribute to the country’s changes

President George Vella has invited Maltese persons living outside the country to contribute to social and political changes in the country.

In his last commitment in Rome, the President met a number of Maltese persons in commemoration of Independence Day. He invited them to remain closely in touch with the developments and initiatives taken by his Presidency after the establishment of the Fondazzjoni għall-Għaqda Nazzjonali.

Throughout his official visit to Rome President Vella aid the bilateral relations between the two countries has continued to increase and strengthen. He maintained the pandemic has prevented his meeting with the Maltese community in Rome and he was very pleased to have met them.

Dr Vella said that countries like Malta and Italy are witnessing great atrocities in other countries such as wars and hunger and the people of Europe have to be a light to give hope for the present and the future.

President Vella said Malta is experiencing great changes to strengthen the Rule of Law and he maintained he has an important role to play.

He also said he had noted the outcome of the Public Inquiry into the homicide of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

“I have already started working on the areas where I have the authority to act. We are at a critical juncture that necessitates an inclusive and open dialogue across the whole spectrum of Maltese society which at the same time underlines the important nexus between the State, the institutions, and the people, both Maltese and all foreigners living among us”, said the President.

Dr Vella said that related to all these he has organised a number of conferences based on the themes of national unity, the State of the Nation and the 100th anniversary of The Constitution.

He said he is in the process of establishing a foundation for national unity and he urged all Maltese who reside overseas to also participate in this.