The Prime Minister, the Minister for Internal Affairs and political parties with words of praise for the Police Corps

In a tweet, Prime Minister Robert Abela praised the work of the Police Corps and said the developments in the Sliema double homicide is evidence of the effective work by the Corps and incorporates its officials who deserve to be shown the greatest respect for their work.

In another tweet the Minister for Internal Affairs Byron Camilleri said he had been in contact with the Police Commissioner and thanked him for the Police work that has led to the arrest of a main suspect in the double Chris Pandolfino/Ivor Maciejowski homicide. He promised that as the responsible Minister he will continue working to ensure the Police Corps be provided with further resources to be able to obtain results like today.

In a statement the Labour Party said the delicate operation carried out by the Police Corps is evidence of the high professionalism of the Corps that daily shows commitment and great dedication to safeguard society and to ensure justice when serious criminality takes place.

In a further statement the Opposition PN spokesperson for Internal Affairs, Beppe Fenech Adami, said that on behalf of the Opposition he saluted the Police Corps for carrying out a dangerous operation that led to the arrest of a suspect in connection with the double homicide of a few days ago.