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PM Robert Abela and Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi were not involved in any voluntary homicide of irregular immigrants

The Magisterial Inquiry that was launched after an Official Report was lodged by the group Repubblika, has concluded that allegations made regarding Prime Minister Robert Abela and the head of the Armed Forces, Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi, as well as the crew of patrol boat P52, and are not based on any proof.

The Inquiry Report conducted and concluded by Magistrate Joe Mifsud resulted that none of these had any link to allegations that they were involved in voluntary homicide or the attempted homicide of immigrants.

The Prime Minister’s Office has published the Report in full drawn up after the Magisterial Inquiry that investigated two Official Police Reports lodged last month by the group Repubblika requesting Police to investigate the Prime Minister and the Head of the Armed Forces and in another Report requested investigation in the crew of P52 on allegations made by Alarm Phone that implicated the crew in having caused damages to the boat containing the immigrants, as well as other boats.

In the 400 page Report, Magistrate Mifsud concluded the allegations were not based on any proof that tied the PM, the AFM Head and the P52 crew to the voluntary homicide of immigrants. The Report highlighted that the crew of P52 were not even involved in rescue operations as alleged in reports presented to the Police.

From the Inquiry it emerged that Magistrate Mifsud had heard the testimony of 156 witnesses with the assistance of experts while assistance had also been requested from Libya. Malta had performed its international obligations and it was noted that there were a number of contrasts with allegations made in the international media, mainly based on tweets and statements made by Alarm Phone. It also resulted that before making an official Police Report, Repubblika had not sought any clarification from the Prime Minister, nor from the Brigadier and neither from the Armed Forces. In addition no clarification had been sought from the original twitter sources that were the source of reports that appeared in international media.

The Inquiry concluded recommendations there should be agreement in a clear protocol for the relocation of immigrants to other countries, not only EU Members but also Council of Europe Members, as well as other states for there to be real solidarity. The Inquiry Report also states that Magistrate Mifsud maintains that the Commissioner for Police should continue investigations with foreign forces regarding human trafficking and therefore responsible for the deaths at sea. Further recommendations were made to locate those organising such sea voyages that are exploiting persons and then using the proceeds to finance terrorist groups.

The Government said the Attorney General had accepted the Prime Minister’s request that as one of the persons named in the Official Report to Police against whom allegations were made, a copy be provided for him and this was delivered to the OPM this afternoon. A statement says the PM decided the whole Report be made public in the interests of transparency and in conformity with good governance.

Repubblika reacts

In a statement, Repubblika said a Magisterial Inquiry is not a Judicial process and cannot decide on guilt or otherwise. The Government had cast a bad light on the Armed Forces and its members. Repubblika augured that all institutions carry out their duties to ensure the respect of Human Rights according to the obligations set out in the Constitution.

Repubblika also maintained that the state should investigate all death of humans. It said that after it had applied pressure the Government had varied its methods that it alleged had resulted in the deaths of 57 persons who were forced to return to Libya.

Labour Party reacts

The Labour Party has asked what PN Leader Adrian Leader intends to do if MP Jason Azzopardi does not shoulder the responsibility for his actions after stating he will not be offering any apology.

Dr Azzopardi had signed the Official Police Reports and had later said he was renouncing the cases.

This is the published Report:

rapport – MT rapport

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