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Immigration problems one of main items on German EU Presidency Agenda

Germany’s Ambassador to Malta said the immigration problem in Europe will be one of the main themes on the Agenda of the German Presidency of the European Union.

During a discussion on Germany’s six-month Presidency, Ambassador Walter Hassman said that Germany knows that Malta is facing great problems with immigration and is awaiting EU Commission proposals in the hope that all-round cooperation will be implemented by all.

“We are fully aware that Malta is really very much in a difficult position being so close to Libya, right in the centre route of boats. We cannot continue as we have done so far by dealing person by person always negotiating, we need a stable sustainable mechanism to deal with arrivals”.

Ambassador Hassman said there is general consent that no person should perish because nobody looked after them or tried to help them in the Mediterranean. Despite this, negotiations are expected to be difficult as to how the immigration problem should be handled. He said Germany’s Presidency has prepared a vast programme that has to be tackled, including that of the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Other themes include the EU Budget as well as the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU.

The German Presidency programme was discussed during a virtual meeting with the participation of 60 individuals from various countries. The discussion, termed as “Together for the European Recovery” was organised between MEUSAC and the German Embassy. Ministers Carmelo Abela and Evarist Bartolo as well as Parliamentary Secretary Stephan Zrinzo Azzopardi took part in the discussions. Minister Abela spoke about sustainability in the current pandemic crisis while Minister Bartolo said the immigration problems should be tackled by investments in Africa to create employment and give African citizens a reason not to have to leave their country.

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