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Psychiatrist Anton Grech – an “Indian” in the Nadur Carnival – opposes making fun of patients

Psychiatrist Anton Grech who never misses attending the Nadur Carnival has condemned the use of the van that had ‘Monte Carmeli taxi’ scrawled over it.

In a comment to TVM Dr Grech said he does not agree the matter should be projected further by videos and pictures of the van.

The van created great controversy with many expressing their hurt, shock and disappointment that such a stunt should have been made, the van also having words like ‘crazy’ and ‘sick people’ written on it.

Others maintain that during Carnival all is acceptable and one cannot censure everything that may cause people to be upset. This trend of thought has however been opposed by the Commissioner for Mental Health Dr John Cachia who commented to TVM the van cannot be considered as satire but is in fact an expression of gross disrespect.

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca condemned this behaviour and those who were behind the display on this van which she described as being irresponsible and insensitive while maintaining it is not acceptable to make fun of people undergoing serious mental health issues.


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