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Police now have access to Transport Malta road cameras

Police are to be provided with a further tool to help their fight against criminality and to monitor road security by being provided with immediate access to security cameras footage that Transport Malta has along various main roads. This follows the signing of an agreement between Transport Malta and the Police Corps.

This means the investment by Transport Malta in informatics and road cameras will help Police in their duties.

The agreement was sealed and signed in Transport Malta’s Control Room where cameras provide views of traffic movement in various places around the country. Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar and Transport Malta Chairman Joseph Bugeja signed the agreement in the presence of the Minister for Internal Affairs, Michael Farrugia and Transport Minister Ian Borg.

Chairman Bugeja said Transport Malta has an investment programme for road surveillance and managing traffic congestion as well as to launch immediate actions in cases of traffic incidents or traffic jams and thus help drivers and the country’s economy.

Ministers Borg and Farrugia said the agreement will provide greater national security because resources from different entities will be utilised with greater efficiency while strengthening the Police in their fight against criminality. They said the agreement is an example of cooperation between public entities to work together and thus avoid double work.