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The Social Segment at Ħal Mula has been regenerated on an investment of €500,000

The Social Segment at Ħal Mula in Żebbuġ has been given a new look after a regeneration programme that took place over recent weeks on an investment of €500,000.

The Minister for Accommodation, Roderick Galdes, aid this will benefit 84 families to enable them to enjoy a better quality of life in an implementation strategy in all social housing localities.

While inaugurating the works carried out, Minister Galdes said that 14 blocks containing 84 families have been given a new appearance.

He explained work had been carried out on the facade, the common parts, verandas, metal beams had been replaced, repairs carried out on electricity and water supplies, repairs on water tanks and on roofs.

The Minister said this is a strategy being deployed throughout the country on buildings constructed in the past as well as the construction of new apartments through the use of existing assets being used for social purposes and to help vulnerable families.

Galdes said the buildings had been constructed in the 1970s but remained in a state that decreased the quality of life of their residents.

Minister Galdes explained the Housing Authority has 1,000 residences spread throughout the country and half have already been completed.

The Executive Head of the Housing Authority, Leonid Mackay, said that since 2013 about €7 million has been spent on the regeneration of housing sectors.

He explained the Authority received about 200 monthly requests for structural maintenance but the Authority decided to implement a high quality programme to provide residents with a better quality of life.