Court orders he be confined to Monte Carmeli Hospital after attacking young woman who was sun bathing

Frederick Mifsud aged 36 from Siggiewi has been ordered to be confined at Monte Carmeli Hospital after being arraigned in Court and accused of having attacked a young Swedish woman on 28th August in the vicinity of the zone known as ‘Il-Fossa’ in Valletta.

Appearing before Magistrate Neville Camilleri, Mifsud was accused of having committed a criminal act in breach of his bail conditions. He was accused among other matters of having caused grievous bodily harm to 26-year-old Anna Karsbjer following his having kicked her in the face while she was sun bathing.

Although the aggressor then fled from the locality, following Police investigations and studies of security cameras in the area, Mifsud was arrested. Police Inspector Daryl Borg said he was informed by a Probation Official that Mifsud had not attended for his last two appointments with him. Mifsud’s Defence Counsel did not object to his being confined to Monte Carmeli Hospital for a psychiatric examination to take place.