The Opposition’s vision is to build on the tourism positives that exist – the PN Leader

The Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, addressed the National Tourism Forum and said the tourism sector is crucial to the country and the pandemic has greatly impeded the growth of this sector.

He said the Opposition’s vision is that this sector should build on the country’s positives. He said the decrease in the sector that has been registered has decreased the demand and the need for various products.

Dr Grech spoke on the Opposition’s vision collated after various consultations with the various stakeholders concerned has led the PN when in Government to take the strong decisions needed to strengthen the tourism product and give greater powers to those in the sector.

He said the Nationalist Party will be a shoulder of support to enable sector operators to strengthen their product and invest in human resource.

Dr Grech ended by saying the country will emerge from the current challenges in a stronger mode than previously.