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Has been setting up her Monti stall for 20 years – now hoping for a permanent stall

It is work that requires a very early morning start but work that also has its satisfaction. Melanie Saliba has been setting up her stall on the Monti open market in Valletta for over 20 years. With TVM, Melanie expressed her wish that Monti vendors be provided with permanent stalls to save them having to mount and dismount their stall on a daily basis.

She has been merchandising on the market since she was a young girl when she used to help her father mount his stall.

Melanie Saliba said that in those days the stall sold rolls of cloth and used to be mounted in front of the St John’s Co-Cathedral. She recalled it was a great time and she had her own children’s stall and measured out and sold metres of cloth. When she left school she began to mount her own stall.

She said it is work she likes doing, giving her the opportunity to meet different people on a daily basis. However, she admitted the work also calls for sacrifices as she has to wake up very early every morning but has no control over the weather.

Being outside means having to cope with the weather elements like the heat of summer and rainy days. She said these elements take their toll and can be hard on a person.

She appealed to the authorities to continue their discussions on establishing permanent stalls.

Melanie said the vendors all wished to have identical and permanent stalls and to have uniforms. As these are in Valletta and facing Parliament, the stalls needed to be of good design and standard.

She said that since taking up their present locality the Monti vendors feel they are doing good business.

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