“I’m 100% Italian” – Mahmood replies to Salvini

Mahmood, the winner of the 69th edition of the San Remo Festival 2019, said he is 100% Italian.

Mahmood was speaking in an interview on Italian media and replying to the reaction of Deputy PM Matteo Salvini, who as soon as the San Remo result was announced in the early hours of Sunday morning, wrote a Tweet in which he expressed his disappointment that the song ‘Soldi’ had won the prestigious Italian festival.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy of an Italian mother and Egyptian father, Mahmood, 27, said he dedicated his victory to his mother and to all those who have supported him throughout his life.

Mahmood said that the song deals with the problem of getting ahead in today’s world, not in terms of money, but in dealing with the difficulties which one faces in one’s family and sentimental relationships. The song came about one night when he went out with his friends and was inspired to write it while they were playing a game.

In March, Mahmood will release his first single, however, his priority at the moment is his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in Israel in May.

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