“I’m living again” – Life after a heart transplant

An English girl is living again after a heart transplant procedure using a a method that was previously only used on adult patients.

Thanks to this new method, the girl underwent heart transplant surgery after a mere 8 weeks and in a matter of months has been able to start living again.

Two years ago life for this British girl was turned upside down. Freya Heddignton discovered that she had a serious condition in her heart that prevented her from breathing causing her great pain in her chest. At the age of 14, doctors told her she needed a heart transplant. At first, the girl thought it would take two years to wait for a transplant. But her new heart came just two months later.

”I am ecstatic that I got such an amazing gift, but it’s also upsetting to know that someone also died.”

The girl received a new heart thanks to new technology. Doctors explained that the heart was taken from patients after they stopped living on machine support.

Afterwards, a special device is attached to the heart to start pumping blood again before inserting it into another body.

Nurse Jen Baxter said “The heart is sitting with the connector at the top, the aorta.”

Initially, this procedure was performed only on adult patients. However doctors have managed to find a way to use this technology in young patients like Freya.

The Surgeon, Marius Bergman said “in other words, we double the amount of heart transplantation and we reduce the waiting time period and we had to do the exactly same thing for the pediatric recipients and at the same time, for both populations to reduce the mortality in the waiting list, that’s what we achieved.”

Freya is among six young people in the UK who are now living their lives with a new heart thanks to this procedure.