Foreign Affairs

Immigrants find new route to get to Europe

A new route is being used by immigrants to reach Europe. Between August and September hundreds of immigrants crossed the Black Sea to leave Turkey and reach Romania in the hope of having a better life in Europe.

According to experts this route is dangerous. The experts say the immigrants are risking their lives by using this route. The Guardian reports that Romania is becoming the Lampedusa of the East. In the past hours alone, Romanian Coast Guards rescued some 150 immigrants shortly after the latter had left Turkey for Romania.

The immigrants are leaving from Cide fishing village in Turkey’s Kastamonu district. From there they head for the port of Costanza, an important centre on the Romanian side of the Black Sea. This city is renowned mainly for its tourist attractions, and is some 200 kilometres distant from the capital, Bucharest.

On 9 September some 100 immigrants were rescued, among them 36 children; the day before, a boat carrying 120 immigrants was sent back to turkey, and in August some 290 Syrian and Iraqi immigrants were rescued. Through this new route Romania is facing a crisis, with the number of immigrants on the increase. Some 2,800 immigrants reached Romania during the first seven months of this year, more than 1,000 more than last year. The immigrants reaching Romania are Iraqis, Syrians and Pakistanis.

The danger being faced by those who use this route is considerable because of bad weather conditions, which are worse that conditions in the Mediterranean, including strong winds prevalent in the area. Although Romania is not showing solidarity in immigrant burden sharing with other EU countries, it is now up to the Romanian Government to see how it will tackle this situation.