National strategy launched with 13 points to safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities

The Ministry for Inclusion has published a national strategy regarding the rights of persons with disabilities for the next nine years.

The strategy is based on 13 aims to cover all persons with disabilities in all sectors of society. While announcing the strategy, Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said this will serve as a social compass in the disabilities sector.

Road accessibility and public transport are some of the main aims of the strategy based on the theme “Libertà Li Tgħix” (the Freedom of Living).

For Noel Aquilina, who suffers a physical disability, the strategy addresses the challenges that disabled persons have to face. He said this will give voice and greater strength not only in sports matters but also education and other sectors and will give the disabled a voice to make their views known.

The Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Samantha Pace Gasan, said the Commission will ensure the strategy does not just remain on paper because it covers all sectors and is a nine-year plan that gives direction.

The Minister for Inclusion, Julia Farrugia Portelli, said this compass fulfils another Government electoral promise. Persons with disabilities have a right to employment and to accessibility as well as rights in a number of other sectors, including that of building a family.

The Permanent Secretary at the Inclusion Ministry, Matthew Vella, said this strategy will continue to provide accessibility and simplify processes where persons with disabilities are concerned.