Virtual tour of Valletta’s St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral launched

The project to provide a virtual tour of St Paul’s Cathedral in Valletta has been officially launched. The project, with the aid of the Malta Authority for Tourism was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic and aimed at enabling a tour of the Cathedral for Maltese and tourists alike in a virtual manner.

This was announced by the Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection, Julia Farrugia Portelli, during a visit she paid to the Cathedral. The Minister explained the Cathedral is another iconic asset of Valletta and annually attracts about 30,000 tourist visitors. She said the investment with the cooperation of the Tourism Authority will create a unique experience and provide a free virtual tour available to all those interested.

The virtual Cathedral tour may be viewed through 12 short videos on the website:

Each video is explained in an English Language narrative just as if one has the services of a tour guide. The narrative is also available in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese through the app ‘St Paul Pro Cathedral’ that may be downloaded free of charge to a mobile so that a tourist will have a step-by-step tour of the building.

Canon Simon Godfrey explained that the Anglican St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral forms part of the intrinsic cultural heritage of Malta and is well-known worldwide. The Cathedral’s steeple reaches more than 67 metres above ground level and is an iconic and historic landmark of the capital city, Valletta. Canon Godfrey appealed for the help of volunteers to assist visitors during their tour of the Cathedral.

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