Impressed with apologies from the Maltese following xenophobic comments during Malta holiday

The 30-year-old English woman who cut short her Malta holiday because of what she described as ‘xenophobic remarks’, says she has been impressed by the number of messages of solidarity she received.

Lucy Spraggan, who became famous thanks to X-Factor, described the visit to Malta that she and her lover made as an ugly experience with xenophobic comments by several persons.

Her experience was reported on several major UK media outlets.

The English singer posted on her Instagram profile that their holiday lasted just two and a half days.

“I was looking forward so much to visit Malta, and one of the reasons was because I had heard Malta is LGBT-friendly and progressive. Several people had recommended Malta, saying they had enjoyed themselves.”

Lucy Spraggan recounted that on her first day in Malta, many had taunted them by calling them lesbians when she and her partner were dressed in feminine outfits and were not even holding hands.

Spraggan added that in a restaurant, a waiter remarked that the way they were sitting together was ‘sexy’.

They went to get an ice cream and a group of men started making obscene gestures and taunting them.

“I’m fed up being threatened because I’m a woman! And for being a lesbian! Malta is beautiful, but the experience is anything but.”

When they returned to England, Spraggan said she had received several messages of solidarity from many Maltese people, including Minister Owen Bonnici who is responsible for equality.

She stated that she had been impressed with the messages and the apologies she received, adding she wished the time they spent in Malta had been happier.

Spraggan concluded that next time around, when they plan a holiday, she will plan properly to ensure their choice of venue will be safe for them.