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Imprisoned for one year after clothes theft from Sliema shop

The Court of Appeal rejected a request by 36-year old Daniela Spiteri, who will now start serving a one-year prison sentence.

Spiteri was found guilty of stealing clothes, amounting to some €450 from various shops in Sliema in January and March 2014, and with breaching Court orders.

She had appealed the sentence delivered in November 2015, while requesting that she appears before the Court of Drugs.

The Court of Appeal said that the one year imprisonment was correct and that there is nothing to show that it is reduced or increased from the sentence given by the Magistrates Court.

Regarding the request that the case is referred to the Court of Drugs, the Court stated that the woman was obliged to present proof to show she was a drug addict, and therefore denied the request.

Judge Giovanni Grixti recommended the Prison Director to provide treatment to Spiteri and all necessary assistance to overcome the addiction.

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