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Imqabba, Xagħra, Grand Harbour and Floriana in 18th edition of International Fireworks Festival

Four free fireworks events are planned to take place between the feast of St Gregory and the feast of St Publius, and these will be a mix of both aerial and ground fireworks.

Just after Easter, with the islands on the threshold on another festa season, the 18th edition of the International Fireworks Festival will be held in four localities: Imqabba, Xaghra, the Grand Harbour and Floriana, and all this between the coming Wednesday and Saturday, 4 May.

The Events Officer at the Tourism Authority, Lionel Gerada, stated that this year’s festival will not be just a fireworks festival, but rather, a mix of music which will accompany the illuminated evenings.

“Everything will start at Imqabba on Wednesday, 24 April, with a display by eight local fireworks factories. The event will start at about 8.15 p.m., and will continue until 11.00 p.m. We will also have two competing entries, Vacaluzzo from Italy and the Zejtun fireworks association. All this besides a concert by The Travellers.”

The scene moves to Gozo on Saturday, 27 April, with a programme at Xaghra by six local fireworks factories, and two other competitors, Platinum from Manila, which presently holds a Guinness World Record, and Pyrcon from Estonia, winners of several awards.

Mr Gerada added that the highlight of the aerial fireworks will take place in Grand Harbour of the eve of 1st May, with the participation of local and foreign fireworks factories.

“We are going to have a spectacle put together specifically for Malta, including music by Elton Zarb, with singers in synchronicity with the fireworks and live music by the versatile brass. An excellent spectacle, which can be followed on TVM2”.

And this year’s festival calendar will also see the addition of a display of mechanised ground fireworks on the Floriana Granaries, with the participation of eight local fireworks groups and the exhibition of 16 catherine wheels. This will be held on 4 May, the eve of the feast of St Publius. Floriana Mayor Davinia Sammut Hili stated that for the first time ever, a carpet of fireworks will bring the festival to an end.

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi stated that fireworks are part of Malta’s culture, and local traditions help to create added value for tourists. Tourism Authority Chairman Gavin Gulia described the festival as a showcase for Malta to generate more tourism, both for fireworks enthusiasts who visit Malta specifically to view this spectacle, as well as to provide a wider spread of activities for tourists on holiday in Malta.

Today’s fireworks at Imqabba on the occasion of the launch of the International Fireworks Festival:

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