Imtaħleb Hill given asphalt top for car sports

Infrastructural work on Imtahleb Hill, a popular venue with car racing enthusiasts, is in its final phases. A layer of asphalt is presently being applied to a stretch of just over 1.5 km on a road used for car sports.

Work on the Hill climb road resurfacing and for more safety facilities started in September. SportMalta chief executive, Chris Bonett, said that racing cars enthusiasts had been long waiting for the project as the road was becoming dangerous. “Resurfacing of the Hill road was made, together with asphalting work as particular material was brought from abroad, to provide more grip for racing cars with more speed and safety. Guard rails will also be installed”, Mr Bonett added.

William England, vice president of the Motor Sport Federation of Malta, welcomed the project which he said is beneficial to hundreds of enthusiasts and which will contribute as another niche in sport tourism.

During an on-site visit, Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima pointed out that the project includes a new road surface with a tarmac mix which is suitable for the sport, as well as installation of barricades as a safety measure.

Minister Borg added that this project had long been awaitwed by enthusiasts of this sport, who had begun to lose interest over the years because the road was not in a good state, and posed a danger to them besides damaging the vehicles. Dr Borg stated that no environmental damage would result, as the existing infrastructure would be improved. The plan is for this project to join up with the Rabat road, thus improving the infrastructure in the area.

Parliamentary Secretary Grima stated that this was another important project for sports enthusiasts, and it is also expected to attract foreign enthusiasts.

Work on the project, being carried out in collaboration with Transport Malta and Sports Malta with an investment of 500,000 euro, is expected to be completed by next month.

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