Death of Croce Bonaci – one of the best pastry chefs in Malta

The death has been announced of Croce Bonaci, one of the best pastry chefs in our country. Mr Bonaci’s family made the announcement on Facebook that the founder of the company Bonaci Caterers, where he had been working for the last 45 years, had died.

In an interview by his wife Connie over the last few weeks in connection with the marathon which was held for the second Dar Bjorn, his wife described him as a hardworking and generous man. She said that it all began at the end of September after a day’s work. They were later told that he had a brain tumour.

His brother,  actor Herman Bonaci said the tumour was at a very advanced stage and had left him completely paralysed. He therefore needed care 24/7.

The death of Mr Bonaci led to many reactions by the public, especially by supporters of Valletta FC, the football club which was very close to his heart.