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Death of drugs baron who inspired the making of the film American Gangster

The death has been announced of one of the biggest American drugs barons, Frank Lucas, who was notorious in the 60s and 70s. He died of natural causes at the age of 88.

Lucas used to import heroin into the United States from the south of Asia and in the process became a millionaire, renowned for his luxurious lifestyle.

When he was arrested in 1975, the Police confiscated his properties, one of which was found to contain a cache of $580,000 in cash.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment but was freed after five years when he cooperated with Police after giving them very important information.

Lucas was jailed again in the 80s for a further offence but spent the last 30 years in freedom. He last ran foul of the Law seven years ago and was placed on Probation after lying about disability benefits.

His life story was inspirational for the making of the film American Gangster released in 2007 with actor Denzel Washington playing the part of Lucas.

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