In 3 years, Infrastructure Malta built an average of more than four roads a week

In 3 years, Infrastructure Malta has built an average of more than four roads a week. In a summary of the roads which have been built to date by the agency, the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Ian Borg said that in all, more than 700 roads have been built as part of the €700 million plan which the Government bound itself to carry out over seven years.

Triq il-Ġermanja in Naxxar is one f 13 roads in the area of Sagħjtar which are being built from scratch by Infrastructure Malta. While visiting the roadworks, Minister Borg explained the criteria of how the roads on which works are to be carried out, are chosen.

“Infrastructure Malta has a scientific survey of the condition of every road in the country and then there are the exigencies of the local councils which might have different priorities for why one street should be done before another in their locality. This might not necessarily emerge from the scientific aspect of the quality of the street. Obviously it still needs to qualify as a road which needs to be done. Those are the characteristics.”

From the beginning of the year, Infrastructure Malta has completed work on 123 residential roads and 71 other roads in the countryside.  The Minister explained that right now Infrastructure Malta contractors are carrying out works on more than 50 residential road and another 26 rural roads. The work includes a system of distribution of water services, sewage pipes, electrical cables and other telecommunications services. The work also includes laying down the foundations of these roads, pavements, asphalting and new traffic signals.