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In Germany, Luteran church opened its doors for Muslim prayers

In Germany, a Berlin church opened its doors for Muslim prayers as their Mosque cannot accommodate them due to Covid imposed measures.

Religious services in the country resumed from the 4th May, however a 1.5 metre social distancing has to be observed. This made the Dar Assalam Mosque in the Neukölln district to have limited space for only a small crowd of worshipers.

The situation prompted the Kreuzberg lateran church to open its doors for Friday prayers at the end of Ramadan.

The Mosque Imam welcomed the church offer, which overjoyed Muslims during Ramadan. He said that the Covid-19 pandemic brought communities closer to each other.

Despite differences in music during prayers, with the church paintings that contrast with Muslim praying, Muslims said that the church is above all the house of God.

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