In Sicily: Baroque cathedral an attraction for visitors from Qormi and Rabat in Gozo

Just a stone’s throw away from Malta’s shores, Sicily is enriched with beautiful landscapes which are pleasing to the eye, as well as with numerous lovely towns and cities. Among which, Modica.

This area, among other highlights, is characterised by buildings in every shape and colour, including churches. In particular, St George’s Cathedral stands out and is an attraction for numerous visitors from Qormi and from Rabat in Gozo.

The greater part of the cathedral is built in the baroque style, and the beauty of the building welcomes all those who step inside. The cathedral is built in such a way that the sun’s rays which enliven it on the inside mark the seasons and the months.

Modica has not always been a bed of roses, as the city had been almost totally destroyed in an earthquake in 1693, and in 1902 it ended up submerged under waters two storeys high, as a number of plaques in the area point out.

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