“In this medical emergency we have to pool our resources and overcome the challenge” – PN leader

Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia stated that now the country has declared a medical emergency, it is important to jointly use all resources in order to overcome this emergency as well as present and future challenges. Delia added that the Nationalist Parliamentary Group which has been assigned new responsibilities is focused on priorities and the renewal which needs to be carried out even after the pandemic passes.

The PN leader said now was the time for the country to prepare for when the coronavirus crisis ends. Dr Delia referred to the economic sector, democracy, climate change and tourism, saying new methods should be used for the country to be prepared so that when it emerges from the Covid-19 crisis it will be in the forefront on international markets.

In a message on Net TV, Dr Delia said businesses should be given the necessary assistance, and none should be allowed to go under. Dr Delia added that these are not being given the comfort they need from the Government, and appealed for different business sectors to be given particular attention and for their difficulties to be noted.

The Nationalist leader that had Government stopped the Vitals contract three years ago, it would have had enough funds to help not just 60,000 workers but also the over 110,000 others who have been hit by this crisis. Dr Delia said there is a need for renewal and transformation of the labour market through technology in the immediate future.

Dr Delia spoke about the crisis in the tourism sector and stressed the need for a plan to place Malta at the forefront at the international level. Delia added that changes in the Parliamentary Group are aimed at preparing the country for the future.

Referring to poverty and its ensuing problems, including a high rate of depression, Dr Delia appealed for solidarity so that everyone will care for everyone else. The PN leader said society should be based on values, the family and solidarity, with people being at the centre of politics and having the possibility to live in a clean environment. The PN leader added that this was why there had been a reshuffle within the Party so that all sectors are given full attention.

Referring to the spread of coronavirus, Dr Delia appealed for everyone to heed the advice of the health authorities, adding that the best tool against the virus is the correct information.