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Inauguration of largest solar energy plant in Malta

The largest solar energy plant in Malta, capable of providing energy to over 1,000 households, has been inaugurated. Prime Minister Robert Abela praised the initiatives by local businesses in this project, which he described as a clear example of how economic development and environmental policy can work together.

What was once a hardstone quarry has been transformed into the largest solar energy plant in Malta. Situated in an area known as tal-Imselliet in the limits of Imġarr, the project has nearly 17,000 photovoltaic panels and can generate energy for 2,200 households.

Imselliet Solar Ltd Director David Zammit stated that this project and the rehabilitation of the quarry have eliminated the negative environmental impacts in the area, adding that the project will improve air quality through the reduction of some 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

During the inauguration, Prime Minister Robert Abela expressed his satisfaction with the business community’s commitment to invest in renewable energy. Dr Abela stated this was the best example of synergy between an environmental conscience and businesses, adding that one cannot love economic development and at the same ignore the environment. Dr Abela further stated that this project was crucial to achieving renewable energy targets being insisted upon by the European Commission.

The Prime Minister reiterated that this Government is completely open to the commercial community and to business which is run with honesty and integrity. Dr Abela added he was proud of the business community for the way it had acted during the pandemic. This, he further stated, also emerged in the European Commission’s forecast for the Maltese economy, which showed that Malta is expected to be among the countries in the eurozone which will suffer the least economic effects as a result of Covid-19.

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