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Inauguration of Day Centre for persons with dementia

A Day Centre for dementia-conditioned persons has been inaugurated at Paola. This came about through an investment by the company Lyons Care. During the Centre’s inauguration, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the Centre promotes the independence of dementia victims.

He said this addresses two of the Government’s main aims in the sector, that is, to promote the independence of dementia sufferers and those around them that provide their care and are affected by the condition of the sufferer. He said when a private entity provides for a society need it is giving a service to all the community. Dr Muscat said in an investment of this kind the Government looks at the private sector as a partner and not as a competitor.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Disabled Persons and the Active Elderly, Anthony Agius Decelis, said the Government has given a new direction for a national strategy to deal with dementia by giving its support in the provision of community services in residential centres for the elderly.

Lyons Care Director, Mark Bajada, said the Centre i designed for dementia sufferers. He said the company intends to open more such centres throughout Malta and Gozo.

In another initiative to raise awareness of dementia, Anthony Agius Decelis said the drama “Frammenti” is being presented, a street theatre drama that explores family experiences when faced with dementia. The drama collates the fear, frustration, anxiety, desperation, uncertainty and love involved. So far the drama has been staged at Mosta, Paola and Rabat, in Gozo.