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WATCH: Maltese crib inaugurated in Vienna today

This evening the traditional Maltese crib is being inaugurated in Vienna in one of the largest Christmas Markets in Europe.

After having been exhibited in the Vatican Square in 2016 and in Stable Square in Bethlehem in 2017 and last year in Valletta as part of the European Capital for Culture manifestations, the artistic crib is now being exhibited in the Christmas Village at the University Campus in Vienna.

This is another great opportunity for the skills of Maltese artists to be seen in a central locality in Vienna where annually 600,000 Viennese and thousands of incoming tourists visit the Christmas Market, one of the largest throughout Austria. The aim is to continue strengthening cultural diplomacy and to provide an international platform for Maltese artists.

The central scene showing the birth of Jesus Christ has been created anew and gives a more typical view of a Maltese type crib. The grotto was designed and manufactured by Jennings Falzon with the help of Norman Hill, while the clay figures are the work of Manwel Grech. The artists worked under the guidance of the Cultural Directorate headed by Emanuel Vella, Herbert Debattista and the architect Paul Buhagiar.

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