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Monument dedicated to St Catherine inaugurated at Żurrieq as its patron saint

All those entering or leaving Żurrieq are bound to see a monument that depicts a statue of the locality’s patron saint, St Catherine. The statue is embossed in gold and on a marble pedestal and was inaugurated with a ceremony that opened the feast of the titular saint.

The monument is placed at Żurrieq’s entrance and is depicted looking toward the village with the statue of St Catherine having been manufactured in bronze and embossed with gold on a marble pedestal.

The Secretary of the Soċjetà Mużikali Santa Katerina, Kevin Schembri, said the aim is that the patron saint greets all those entering or leaving Żurrieq.

He said that in 1766 their forefathers had decided that on the edge of the village there should be displayed a statue of St Catherine. They therefore commissioned Fabri who made statues and it was placed at the corner of Triq Santa Katerina with Triq San Bartilmew to endorse St Catherine as the titular saint of Żurrieq. Since then the village has grown and in its placement the statue was no longer on the edge of the village. Therefore it has now been relocated to abide with the wishes of the forefathers.

The monument was designed by artist Jeremy Cachia who said he had adopted a classical style to reflect the church style and the clothing of the titular saint.

He said the design characterises St Catherine’s patronage of Żurrieq and includes the coats of arms of Żurrieq’s fraternities as well as other coats of arms related to St Catherine.

The statue was manufactured in Italy based on a model made by Adonai Camilleri Cauchi.

The monument was inaugurated on Friday by President George Vella with the participation of the St Catherine’s band that performed a march through the village and then played at the inauguration ceremony.

The monument’s inauguration opened festivities dedicated to St Catherine with the climax being reached on the first Sunday in September.

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