Incision Art exhibition at Palazzo La Salle

“Graphics, Of Form and Image” is the spectacular exhibition at Palazzo La Salle, which communicates the essence of the creative process inspired on art based on the incision technique.

The founder of the exhibition Imprint IV, Jesmond Vassallo, said the images communicate the sum total of actions and reactions, both anticipated and not: images based on the perpetual contrast between the technical precision that this genre requires and artistic interpretation.

“We use the same language, but each artist is free to talk about whatever topic he likes. Every work is different and varies and every artist has his own subject that he wants to share.”

Imprint IV, also illustrate exceptional works of internationally renowned artist, Horst Janssen that tell intimate stories using art. Amongst them is a sizable number of local and foreign artists, with a collection of seventy in taglio works of art, including the artistic works of artist Frank Portelli.

“Frank Portelli was also an artist who revolutionised art in Malta and brought great change and we are paying him homage with this exhibition.”

The art exhibition is being curated by Dr. Christian Attard and is being held at Palazzo La Salle in Valletta.

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