Increase of TVM and TVM2 audiences – strong increase in morning-afternoon audiences

During Saturday’s press conference, Minister Carmelo Abela said that the national station’s audiences heavily increased during the months of March and April when compared with January-February figures, both in morning and afternoon viewing. Minister Abela stated that TVM’s audiences increased by over 50 per cent while TVM2 had an increase of over 90 per cent.[0]=68.ARCuuWluoR_m0WSau-6MwXgB6VBOswOGtyekMsC2VdJrGnEQTFZyr0cfhEkO5jIFRIkU54HSz1JuAQi_ghkJMEu7tYfMZEKh-GgkZAzdxrqcFqPU78Jv9FAhsUqvY-M7sbadJdFQccuDLTbjUnPWupMPbB5i8cahEalKLUDiX9DyESVia7sS1fzJ8_xs3wa2iclQWV8Uiri7KGCMRs6irKl8EqHPi5EF6lLZaHDEVAnW7eKsG_2q7yWftsjT45Taehf8vbssIMBBut4kyjUldumMyvBydcVezWlL14Zil6FWUeP_Mo4Wg5_UFGfqNNx9JS3FL5axlCZiA-7WXELciDQwb6Bpc8XWWdaBsu9fsg-uGFwHBck54Gh4UDfGP3Kz4O9ng5H1hbWnRUZoUF1moMgMLnUCSOnRUI80Pdf6tuEk-Q21OxMtykmNfYOiTCRvwI9fgw6MktNwupXy39cqmf-nWOGbphbvO_vXwHsULnP4M7TNLNVFNImNOPwIhYjpP6dElSc8zAMWONavMJrQYfpVNKHo8_kNCSb2Fq7xttt69XodCgzDUQuQ0uqUUwv8LBnpbnMQ37E3UX3U3cSPdYFUz-DWG0lK0U3gnI56VqIxdrAvwdZlUKlejMzAugS3YfAXeqIAm0kgeYkH39bzFb9NvMRpqw-kMOl8LZzTXweQsTwhljWO0pg&__tn__=-R

Meanwhile, TVAM presenterQuinton Scerri this morning announced on Facebook that TVAM is the most followed morning program in the Maltese islands. Despite the Covid-19 circumstances, the program resumed its transmission with a number of links with various guests in order to keep company with thousands of Maltese and Gozitans during the early hours of the day.

F'dawn il-jiem ta' diffikultà għal bosta, kuntent li konna u qegħdin inkunu ta' servizz għal ħafna telespettaturi li ta'…

Gepostet von Quinton Scerri am Samstag, 25. April 2020

Other programs which resumed transmission include ‘Niskata’, ‘Illum ma’ Steph’ and ‘Gadgets’.

A number of successful past teleplays are also being retransmitted on the national station, thanks to PBS archives.

TVM2 is also catering for people to watch daily Mass and the Sunday Mass. Figures point to a large audience both during the morning Mass and the evening one that includes the rosary.

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