Current Affairs
Cleanliness in localities and fulfillment of culture

Minister for Local Government, José Herrera, said that for the coming year a total of €57 million has been voted for Local Councils. These include €5 million to engender public cleansing and the maintenance of community sectors.

Minister Herrera said that many people understandably complain of the neglect in certain areas of the country and this has a negative effect on the people as well as on tourists and therefore these problems are to be addressed in a more serious manner.

€76m allocated to culture

Herrera said that he also being responsible for culture, the sector has been allocated €76 million that among other aspects includes €3.5 million voted for Valletta cultural projects and an increase of €1 million for Heritage Malta to continue embellishing the experience of Malta’s museums.

The Malta Council for Arts has been allocated €32 million and the majority of this sum will be invested in cultural activities. He remarked that €1 million of this will be allocated to help creative sectors hit adversely by the pandemic.